With this form you can send reports and information regarding safety.
You can send reports of:

  • Any wrong doing you may have found (or suspect)
  • Any possible or actual safety issue or violation
  • Any suggestions you may have to improve safety
  • Any concerns of safety culture degradation

You may send reports annonymously or add your contact in order to receive a reply.
All reports will be addressed by the Safety Manager, any reports not sent annonymously will receive a reply.
Contact information is not drawn or stored from your logged in session, in fact, you can logout and still access this page to send a report if you so wish. The only data that will be stored in this page is the one you choose to provide.

Using the SMS is everyone's responsibility, the SMS is not used to cause trouble to anyone, it is simply a tool to draw attention regarding possible safety violations, and improvements to safety culture.
It is always better to speak up even if its nothing. Let the Safety Manager sort it out, it may be relevant