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by Nuno Nogueira - Thursday, 13 August 2020, 12:55 PM

Starting today, Tuesday 4th of August 2020 a new mechanic will be implemented in the booking system.

We will now have two types of procedures, NORMAL procedures, and Low availability procedures (LAP). LAP was introduced in order to try to mitigate the negative impact of periods of low aircraft availability and to try to manually manage the process to ensure everything is as efficient and fair as possible while keeping a decent training quality.

 The current status is always displayed on the main page of the booking system.

During normal procedures, the rules remain exactly as they are now and nothing changes.


During LAP the rules change to the following:

  • LAP can only be declared by the HT or another suitably high ranking school administrator
  • LAP can be declared at any time, if it is known that a LAP event will happen, for example, due to maintenance, it will be announced beforehand, however, if it happens due to an unforeseen event, LAP may be declared without any warning
  • While LAP lasts the maximum booking time is 2H, all existing bookings larger than 2h will be shortened to match this
  • The only exceptions to this are:
    • Solo nav flights for PPL task 3 ex 2 if there is absolutely no other chance due to weather or if there is no reasonable chance of the student completing the nav after the end of LAP but before the checkride validity expires
    • And CPL nav flights that can be booked for 2H 30M
    • IR training nav flights can be booked for 3H
  • All bookings must-have in their description the intended task and exercise to be performed no less than 24H before
  • Exceptions must be requested directly to the HT
  • Exceptions can only be granted by the HT
  • Operations cannot under any circumstances grant any exceptions or special HB requests during LAP
  • Overnight stays and flights outside the operational hours of EPLL are subject to HT approval during LAP
  • All previously granted exceptions or special HB requests are void and cancelled during LAP
  • The maximum HB slot time is also, 2h during LAP
  • The same HB student can only have one slot maximum every 72 hours period during LAP
  • All other navigations must adapt to the new time of 2H or be cancelled
  • Slots will be shuffled around to maximize free space, this free space will be allocated on an as-needed basis
  • Unlike in normal operations instructor availability will not be considered, instructors must make themselves available or have their slots cancelled, this applies for slots booked on the same day
  • Instructors will always be advised of any changes to their slots via phone call or text message, please note this is as a courtesy and the changes are non-negotiable
  • The freed space will be allocated according to the following priority list:
    • PPL students undergoing training for Task 1 (long periods of not flying are detrimental at this stage of training)
    • Checkrides needed before skill tests, and Skill tests
    • Students shortly before training completion
    • Students who have not flown in more than 72 hours (does not apply to students starting their training)
    • Everyone else
  • The same student cannot be booked more than once for every 72 hours period
  • The same instructor may never have the same aircraft booked for more than two consecutive slots
  • LAP may be declared for a single variant only, or for the entire fleet.


LAP was created to help mitigate the consequences of low fleet availability and ensure everyone can still be served quality flight training despite that.

We understand that LAP is inconvenient, but it is a necessary evil to ensure smooth sailing during times when the fleet is ongoing maintenance. LAP events will be kept to a minimum and only used when absolutely necessary.