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New internal rules related to the current spread of the coronavirus

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New internal rules related to the current spread of the coronavirus
by Nuno Nogueira - Monday, 12 October 2020, 11:12 AM

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the increasing number of cases recently recorded in most of European countries, and since classroom sessions are restarting, as well as students returning for their training we have decided to implement some safety measures.


From Monday the 10th of August 2020 mask usage will be mandatory at all times. This applies to all students, staff, and visitors at Bartolini Air.


Mask usage is mandatory when inside any Bartolini Air building, or in an aircraft. While outside (outside being defined as an open sky space that is well ventilated), mask usage is mandatory if standing in a group of 2 or more people.



1.            While outside, if a minimum distance of two meters is kept between all persons mask usage is not mandatory. Due to the new Law that came into effect October 10th, mask usage while outside is mandatory.

2.            While inside, if the person is the only occupant of the room/office there are in and they are occupying their own designated space, the mask may be removed while these conditions prevail.

3.            While eating the mask can be removed, however a minimum distance of 2 meters must be kept from all other persons.

4.            While attending a lecture inside the classroom the minimum distance of 2 meters does not apply due to the plastic baffles.

5.            The instructor conducting the classes does not need to wear a mask, but must keep a distance of at least 2 meters from the participants, or sit behind a baffle when keeping the distance is not possible or practicable.


Anyone found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave, no exceptions. Masks must be correctly worn at all times, the chin, mouth, and nose must all be covered.

Additionally, anyone showing continued sneezing/coughing symptoms will be asked to stay at home until these have subsided. Regardless of symptom origin.

Face shields may be used in lieu of face masks, currently the only allowed face shield model is the one produced by Tecnam. Other face shields may be allowed provided they are approved by the safety manager (in order to submit a face shield model for consideration it must be appropriate to offer protection against viral transmission).

Tecnam face shields are available at the reception desk. Due to the circumstances, we have decided to lower the price so to make them more affordable. Disposable face masks are available free of charge at the reception desk. Please use them only inside the school premises and aircraft, and not take them outside.


Also, please note that the mandatory mask usage in the aircraft rule is NOT subject to PIC discretion. All PICs are assigned by the operator, and as such all PICs must abide by the operator’s rules.

The masks must be kept on during the entire flight, all crews must wash/disinfect their hands both before and after the flight. We strongly advise against touching the face or eyes during flight.


These new rules apply until further notice.


Quick FAQ:


Q: I am flying HB with my girlfriend, we live together, certainly an exception must be made so we can fly without a mask, no?

A: Absolutely not! Masks must be worn and used at all times, while in this case cross-infection would be a moot point, it is still possible to contaminate the environment, thus turning all controls, knobs, buttons, etc into fomites, who in turn could be a means of transmission to the next crew.


Q: Ok… no girlfriend then, what if I fly alone?

A: Read above, fomites!


Q: What if I simply don’t wear the mask, just put it on for taxi and then take it off in-flight?

A: This clearly shown a complete disregard for safety rules put in place to ensure the safety of the many versus the short term comfort of the few. If you cannot be bothered to comply with an operator directive and choose to disregard it due to the minor inconvenience it causes you, it is up to you and your professionalism.